Job Description of the Future

Below is my prediction for a fundamentally new type of job opening we will start seeing by the end of 2012 from media companies. The fictional job posting is based on a wider set of predictions about how evolving trends will continue to impact and redefine the way media companies create and market content, drive ratings and integrate new technologies and fans ever-deeper within their core business.

This shake-up in corporate structure and human resources is already underway. The movement is based on the slow extinction of divisions between online and offline, digital marketing and consumer marketing, digital content and TV content. As a quick example, most of us understand that social marketing is really social engagement. If all we’re doing is tweeting links to our sites we’re missing the boat.

This quarter and next we’re seeing a crop of new jobs with “multi-platform” in their titles. Part of the inspiration for my hopefully-thought-provoking prediction is actually a frustration with these new multi-platform roles. They refer to a unification of mobile, tablet and web as opposed to the more paradigm-shifting unification of online, offline and on-air.

Perhaps its a necessary step. In the longer-run, companies quicker to embrace the real potential of “multi-platform” will succeed. This realization will quickly extend to all parts of the business by the end of 2012.

Maybe we should call it omni-platform for a year and then just go back to calling it “content,” regardless of medium? If you hang an iPad on your wall does it become a TV? If GoogleTV was a portable device would it be a tablet? If you watch The Daily Show on Hulu are you suddenly watching digital content or is it still considered linear content?

The bottom line is that successful media companies will evolve cohesive department structures around creation of content, marketing of content and distribution of content. Each must and will include responsibilities across all platforms and mediums.

New job description:

Forward-thinking, content-creating media conglomerate seeking VP of Media to help usher in new era of content creation, marketing and monetization through holistic, digital-linear, online-offline-on-air strategies.

About the role:

Similar to how there used to be roles such as “VP of Telephone,” we believe “digital” and “social” as job titles/responsibilities have almost entirely lost their meaning. Everyone in the company “does telephone” and so will everyone soon “do digital” and “do social.”

This realization is exerting ever-more impact on our main business of content creation. As a result, “digital” will no longer be one or more separate departments (product, marketing, research, etc.) Likewise, “linear” is evolving and no longer pitching, producing and distributing shows the same way either.

Responsibilities for online, offline, on-air, web, mobile, tablet, smart tv, social and more no longer fall within separate teams but are rather uniting into new core business pillars of content creation, distribution and marketing.

Responsibilities include:

  • As the concepts of “online,” “offline” and “on-air” lose their meaning (especially to story-tellers), you will act as the digital sherpa that guides non-tech-expert professionals to embrace how evolving cultural-digital trends and technologies impact their way of working.
  • You will play a key role in the re-integration of responsibilities around our new pillars – each to include traditionally-digital and traditionally-linear responsibilities.
  • Establish new work-flows within each pillar that maximize the impact from closer collaboration of roles that used to work in separate departments.
  • Manage the ideation and execution of new tools that allow for deeper engagement of our audience within our processes, content, brands and experiences.
  • Partner with content creators to re-think old paradigms and practices of greenlighting, casting, shooting, what a “season” is and what a “repeat” is.
  • Launch innovative forms of content that have built-in strategies for driving engagement, tune-in and monetization beyond advertising.
  • Assist marketing and distribution groups to better integrate and execute across all platforms and mediums


*The above represents a personal opinion and has no relation to my employer, any current or planned job openings or restructuring.

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